Watching internet videos from your computer screen can be a bit inconvenient. Not only is the screen so much smaller than that of a television, but it also limits sharing the viewing experience with other people. The solution to this problem is perhaps to connect your computer to a television monitor and to watch internet video on TV.

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What you can do first is to get the right kind of television that allows for PC to TV connections. Also, find one that delivers high quality videos else the purpose of watching internet videos on television is defeated. Naturally, old tube television may not deliver as great results as LCD and Plasma TV. But since LC and Plasma TV are now more affordable than ever, then you can easily save up some money in order to be able to purchase them. Make sure also that the television set that you choose has a VGA input so that it can act as your computer monitor. Apart from a digital TV and a laptop computer, you will need a VGA 15-pin connector cable or an S-video cable and mini to RCA audio cable, or a wireless converter.

Once all your needed tools and materials are ready, the next step is to use a 15-pin male-to-male VGA cable to connect your laptop to your television. Since you are using male-to-male pins (those whose pins are sticking out on both ends), then you will need to find the female VGA input on your laptop and on your TV. An alternative to the VGA cable is the S-video cable. All TV’s have an S-video input.

Hook up the cables, plugging one end into your laptop and the other end into the television set. Using a wireless converter, which converts digital signal on your laptop into a format that your analog television can show, eliminates the need for hooking up cables which can sometimes be confusing. In addition, going wireless saves spaces as your online videos get zapped to your TV, literally.

After you have established the connection, you can start viewing your internet videos on your big television screen. If your TV screen gives you additional space besides what’s on your laptop, then you will have to drag your internet browser over to the TV screen.

Your personal computer, through the internet, is a good place to find videos that are not anymore being aired on television. But then again, it may be better to watch internet video on TV because of the wider LCD display as well as the better audio quality.

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